Kenwood TS-2000

This is where I’m keeping notes about my experiences running a TS-2000 for well, everything it does.

HF - RX sensitivity issues

There’s been a lot of discussion around the TS-2000 RX sensitivity compared to other radios. Here’s at least one piece of research into what may be going on.

And a local copy of the above page:

There are other threads about S-meter calibration being not quite equivalent to other rigs and tweaking that; that’s less interesting/important.

VHF/UHF - RX sensitivity issues

There’s also been a lot of discussion around TS-2000 RX sensitivity on VHF/UHF.

And local copies of the above pages:

This was apparently fixed in later TS-2000 releases (TODO: which year?)

Finals replacements

There were issues with the TS-2000 finals. I should go gather some more information and post it here.

Rig control

You can’t control TX of the rig through CAT control if you want audio to come in through the ACC3 jack. There’s a specific PTT line that is “use this audio input line and mute the MIC” which you have to use.